Vegetarianism in Natal

In connection with the Royal Agricultural Society’s Show in Pietermaritzburg the Natal branch of the Order of the Golden Age had a very interesting stall as the following press report from the Natal Witness will indicate:-

“Food and furs are the chief attractions at the gay blue and yellow stall run by the Order of the Golden Age – but food and furs with a difference. There is a tempting array of vegetarian foods, from fruit and salad to lentil roast, vegetable pie and peanut sausages. There is a specimen of China grass, the vegetarian substitute for gelatine, and of the “brawn” made by means of it. There is a sample of soya bean milk as used in China. I did not taste it, but it looked very milk-like; and what I did taste – a free cup of Marmite and a vegetarian sandwich – was excellent fare, especially for a cold day.

The artificial furs which are being shown at this stall are pretty and cosy, and should create much interest. Interesting, too, are the imitation leather bags and shoes made of vegetable fibre. They look very like leather, are moderate in price and wear excellently.”

Order of the Golden Age stall in Natal
Order of the Golden Age stall in Natal

The Vegetarian Messenger and Health Review, September 1929: