Josiah Oldfield was born at Ryton, Shropshire, on 28 February 1863 and graduated BA in theology in 1885. He then trained as a barrister at Lincoln’s Inn and practised on the Oxford circuit. He was the Senior Physician to the Lady Margaret Hospital, Bromley.

Dr Josiah Oldfield

Dr. Oldfield has for the past 30 years been a total abstainer from flesh-food and one of the most devoted and prominent workers for the furtherance of the Food-Reformation. His literary contribution to the principal magazines and newspapers, advocating Fruitarianism and the Humane Life, have been very numerous and he is well known as a lecturer throughout Great Britain.
Herald of the Golden Age, April 1913

For a fascinating history of his life, see Rosemary Dellar, Josiah Oldfield: Eminent Fruitarian (Raynham: Rainmore Books, 2008)