Best Food Series of pamphlets: (Published from 155 Brompton Road, London)

1) Nuts for strength
2) Apples and Health
3) Fruits and Long Life
4) Salads and Blood Purifiers
5) Beans and Muscle
6) Porridge and Brain
7) Milk and Growth
8) Carrots and Complexion
9) Raisins for Recovery
10) Honey for Health (“The Living Library”)
11) Dry Diet for Good Digestion
The Crown of Grapes – Eat right and live long

The Fruitarian – a bulletin first published monthly in 1910; although no copies are currently known to exist.


“Constipation” – cause and cure
“Indigestion” – cause and cure
England and Her Love Spots (reprint of a letter to The Motor Trailer – no date)
What Shall a Man Eat? (reprint of a letter to The Western Mail of 3 May, 1949)

Dr. Oldfield separate tracts:
1892 The Cost of Living (London Vegetarian Society)
1892 The Ideal Diet in Relation to Life (London Vegetarian Society)
1892 The Influenza (London Vegetarian Society)
1893 Longevity (London Vegetarian Society)
1893 Best Way to Begin Vegetarianism
1895 A groaning Creation (Ideal Publishing Union)
1895 The Evils of Butchery (The Humanitarian League)
1897 The Voice of Nature, or, What Man should eat (Ideal Publishing Union)
1905 Myrrh and Amaranth (Samson Law & Co.)
1908 Hanging for Murder (Society for the Abolition of Capital Punishment)
1923 The Raisin Cure (C.W. Daniel, Co.)
The Diet of the World’s Workers (The Vegetarian Society)
1928 Deep Breathing, and breathing exercises
(No.27 in the First Aids to Health series of 39 pamphlets by various authors – C.W. Daniel, Co.)
1944 To Prevent Constipation (The Vegetarian Society)


1890’s: Butchery and its Horrors (Ideal Publishing Union)
Starch as a Food in Nature
Tubercolosis, or, is consumption caused by Flesh-Eating?
1898 The Claims of Common Life, or the scientific relations of humans and non-humans (Ideal Publishing Union)
1901 The Penalty of Death (Society for the Abolition of Capital Punishment – founded by Oldfield in that year)
1906 How to live cheaply: a series of articles reprinted from the Daily Express, together with a selection of correspondence received on the subject.
1924 Fasting for Health and Life (C.W. Daniel, Co.)
1925 The Dry Diet Cure (C.W. Daniel, Co.)
1926 Get Well and Keep Well (C.W. Daniel, Co.)
1927 Eat and Get Well (Methuen & Co.)
1928 Eat and Keep Young (Methuen & Co.)
1929 Eat and Be Happy (Methuen & Co.)
1935 The Beauty Aspect of Health and Living
1944 Healing and the Conquest of Pain – (Rider & Co.)
1949 The Mystery of Birth (Rider & Co.)
The Mystery of Marriage (Oaktree Books)
1951 The Mystery of Death (Rider & Co.)


Lectures on Dietics

Listed in the 1952 edition of Who’s Who:

Diet and Appendicitus
Diet in Indigestion
Diet in Rheumatism