Dr. Josiah Oldfield published a book on average every two years. In addition he wrote numerous shorter articles, which we’ll reproduce as they become available.

Essays & Articles

The Evils of Butchery by Josiah Oldfield (1895)
The Penalty of Death, or, the Problem of Capital Punishment by Josiah Oldfield (1901)
The Penny Guide to Fruitarian Diet and Cookery by Josiah Oldfield (1902)
The Dry Diet Cure by Josiah Oldfield (1925)
Eat and Get Well by Josiah Oldfield (1927)
Healing and the Conquest of Pain by Josiah Oldfield (1944)
The Crown of Grapes (Eat Eight and Live Long) by Josiah Oldfield (1952)

The Trials of a Vegetarian (The Vegetarian Messenger, January 1890)
A New Beginning (The Vegetarian Messenger, January 1893)
Thus Far (The Vegetarian Messenger, January 1894)
A Vegetarian Hospital (The Vegetarian Messenger, March 1896)
Bermondsey Vegetarian Society (The Vegetarian, February 1897)
Dietary of the Twentieth Century (The Vegetarian Messenger and Health Review, November 1898)
Vegetarianism in the Army
Will You Come and Walk With Me (The Vegetarian Messenger and Health Review, October 1947)
Christmas Feasting (The Vegetarian Messenger and Health Review, December, 1940)
A Changing World (World Forum, Winter 1952)
What a Dog Said To Me (The Vegetarian Messenger and Health Review, December 1936)
A Congratulatory Note to the Vegetarian Society (The Vegetarian Messenger and Health Review, September 1951)
General Booth
Vaccination Objection: News item (The Vegetarian Messenger, June 1903)

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