The first edition of The Herald of the Golden Age (January 1896 – October 1918; monthly until December 1903 – then quarterly) contained a listing of vegetarian tracts which were already in circulation:

The Case Against Killing Customs – Charles Forward
A Plea for a Broken Law – Rev. H. J. Williams
A Plea for Vegetarianism – Henry Salt
The Perfect Way in Diet – Dr. A. Kingsford
Novel Vegetarian Dishes – Mary Pope
Practical Vegetarian Recipes – Charles Forward
Best Way to Begin – J. Oldfield
How to Begin – R. E. O’ Callaghan
Best Sixpenny Cookery – J. Oldfield
Tubercolosis – J. Oldfield
Is Flesh Eating by Christians Morally Defensible? -Sidney H. Beard
The Coming Revolution in Diet – Sidney H. Beard
New Vegetarian Dishes by Mrs. Bowdich
The Feast of Bacchus – Astley Walton

The original Order of the Golden Age published a quarterly newsletter during the early to mid 1880’s. The reconstituted order began publishing in 1896. Many editions of The Herald of the Golden Age are available on the IAPSOP Archive.



(P) A Cause of the Failure of Christian Missions in the East – Rev. W. D. Etherington, M.A.
(L) A Plea for The Order of the Golden Age – Rev. H. J. Williams
A race of Somnabulists – J. Howard Moore
(L) Butchery – J. Oldfield
(L) Does it Matter? – Frances
(L) Flesh Eating – R.E. O’ Callaghan
(P) Is Flesh Eating a Violation of Apostolic Teaching – Rev. J. H. Napper Nevill, M.A.
(L) Is it Only a Dream? – Sidney H. Beard
(P) The Order of the Golden Age – Prospectus and Rules
(L) The Coming Race – Sidney H. Beard
(L) The Empire of Ideas – Sidney H. Beard
(P) The Relation of Christians to the Animal World – Rev. H. J. Williams
(L) The Voice of Scripture in Favour of a Bloodless Diet – Rev. G. J. Ouseley
What I saw at the Pasteur Institute – T.A. Williams


(L) Cause and Effect – Sidney H. Beard
(P) Christian Citizenship – Rev. W.J. Closs, B.A.
(P) Facts Concerning Right Living – Dr. Josef Drzeweicki
Saline Starvation: How to avoid it – Dr. Chas D. Hunter, F.L.S.
(L) Say, What are you Doing? – Robert Semple
(L) Sowing and Reaping – Sidney H. Beard
(L) Stepping stones to practice – Frances L. Boult
(L) Strange But Earnest Questions. cx
(L) Substitutes for Animal Food – Sidney H. Beard
(L) The Immitation of the Divine – J. Oldfield
(L) The Religious Aspect of Food Reform Work – Sidney H. Beard
(P) The Testimony of Science Against Vivisection – Sidney H. Beard
(L) Why I am a Food Reformer by Mrs Annie Besant


(P) A Simple Guide to a Natural and Humane Diet – Sidney H. Beard
(L) Are Animals Immortal? – J. Oldfield
(L) Humanity’s Great Enemy – Harold W. Whiston
(L) Is Vegetarianism Scientific? – Dr. Walter R. Hadwen, M.D., L.R.L.P.
(L) Our Great Inheritance – Sidney H. Beard
(P) The Drink Problem: How to solve it – Harry Locking
(L) The Gospel of the Kingdom – Sidney H. Beard
(P) What the Scientists say against Flesh-Eating – Sidney H. Beard


(P) Christmas: The Festival of Slaughter – Frances L. Boult
(L) Legalised Torture – Mona Caird
(L) Masonic Food Reformers – Mona Caird
(L) The Death Penalty – Sidney H. Beard
(P) The Overcoming of Pain & Death – Sidney H. Beard
(L) The Duty of Joy – Josiah Oldfield
(P) Vegetarianism – Bramwell Booth


(B) A Tale of Shame and Cruelty – Dr. Josiah Oldfield, D.C.L., M.A., L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S.
(L) But who Slew all of These? – Dr. Josiah Oldfield
(L) The Faith We Need – Sidney H. Beard


(L) Dietic Difficulties – Robert H. Perks, M.D., F.R.C.S.
(B) Essays of the Golden Age – Dr. Josiah Oldfield
(L) Humanity in Diet – A. J. Snow
(L) Peter’s Vision – Sidney H. Beard
(L) The Food Reformation – Peter Davidson
(L) The Higher Economics of Diet – Rev. J. Todd Ferrier
(B) The Penny Guide to Fruitarian Diet and Cookery – Dr. Josiah Oldfield
(P) The Potency of Faith – Sidney H. Beard


(L) An Unrecognized Death-Trap  – Dr. Josiah Oldfield
(P) The Festival of the Christians – Sidney H. Beard
(L) The Divine Man – Rev. J. Todd Ferrier