(P) The Order of the Golden Age: Its Aims, Its Objects and Its Rules.
(P) Why I Condemn Vivisection – Robert Howell Perks


(B) Art In Daily Life – Ernest Newlandsmith, A.R.A.M.
(L) How to Advance the Food Reformation – Dr. Josiah Oldfield
(B) Practical Metaphysics – Grace M. Brown
(P) The Blood-Tribute of Christendom – Sidney H. Beard
(B) The Coming Revival of Religion – Sidney H. Beard
(B) The Diet and Metaphysics.
(B) The True Significance of Food-Reform – Francis S. Blizzard
(B) The Way to Health and Happiness – Francis S. Blizzard


(B) Brother Pain and His Crown – Dr. Josiah Oldfield
(B) Is Meat-Eating Sanctioned by the Divine Authority – William E. Cooper
(B) The Bible and Flesh Eating – Bertram McCrie


(B) How to Prevent Cancer – Robert Bell, M.D., F.F.P.S
(L) Ten Reasons Why the Eating of Flesh-Food Should be Abandoned – Sidney H. Beard
(P) The Cost of a Skin – Prof. Howard Moore
(B) The Diet for Cultured People – Dr. Josiah Oldfield
(B) The Hour of Woman’s Opportunity – Bertram McCrie
(L) Twelve Reasons Why the Ideals of The Order of the Golden Age Should be Exalted – Lobshankar Laximidas (O.G.A. – Junagad, India)


(L) Humaneness Put to the Test – Dr. Josiah Oldfield
(P) The Failure of Vivisection and the Future of Medical Research – Dr. A. Kenealy
(P) The Path of Purity – Khurredji J. B. Wadia
(B) The Voice of Nature – Dr. Josiah Oldfield (reprint of a separate 1897 tract)


(B) How to Avoid Appendicitis – Dr. Josiah Oldfield
(L) If you Desire – Sidney H. Beard
(B) Shall We Vivisect? – Dr. Josiah Oldfield
(P) The True Test of Humaneness – Dr. Josiah Oldfield
(P) The Workman and His Food – Sir William Earshaw Cooper, C.I.E


(P) Fruitarian Diet and Physical Rejuvenation – O. L. M. Abamowski, M.D., Ch.D., M.O.H.
(P) The Church and Food Reform – Rev. A. M. Mitchell, M.A
(P) The Cruelties of Seal Hunting – Sidney H. Beard
(P) The Cruelties of the Meat Trade – Dr. Josiah Oldfield
(L) The Humane Dress League – Sidney H. Beard
(B) The Toiler and His Food – Sir William Earnshaw Cooper, C.I.E.


(P) First Steps to Fruitarian Diet – Sidney H. Beard
(L) The Christmas Festival – Sidney H. Beard


(L) Fashionable Furs and How They Are Obtained.
(P) Myrrh and Amaranth – Dr. Josiah Oldfield (reprint of a separate 1905 tract)
(P) The Cancer problem in a nutshell – Dr. Robert Bell


Physical deterioration – Our national peril.


(P) Indigestion: its causes and cure – Dr. Josiah Oldfield
(P) Rheumatism: its causes and cures – Dr. Josiah Oldfield
(P) The Advantages of a Fruitarian Diet – Sidney H. Beard
( ) Master Keys by Captain Walter Carey, RN


(L) Best way to begin the reformed diet.
(P) Constipation: its causes and cure – Dr. Josiah Oldfield
(P) Some reasons why: the work of the Order should be supported by philanthropists and humanitarians.


(P) The Power of Thought – Captain Walter Carey, R.N.


(B) Pure Food for British Workers – Mrs L.B. Backett


(P) Why Need We Be Poisoned? A Treatise on Health – Mrs. Drew


(B) A Popular Guide to Fruitarian Diet and Cookery – Dr. Oldfield (reprinted in 1952)

Undated tracts

(P) Fruitarian Diet for Children by Julie and Rose Moore (advertised in 1922)

(P) God’s Great Purpose. (advertised in 1952)
(L) Human Immortality – Maud Levett
( ) Humane Education. (advertised in 1952)
(B) The Law of God – L. Robinson (available in 1930’s/earlier)
(B) The Testimony of Science in favour of natural and humane diet – Sidney H. Beard advertised in 1900’s)
(P) Unfired and Vital Foods – Julie and Rose Moore

Unfired and Vital Foods – Julie and Rose Moore advertised in 1923)

O.G.A. Books


Against Killing Customs – W. S. Godfrey


A Comprehensive Guide-Book to Natural, Hygienic and Humane Diet by Sidney H. Beard


Essays of the Golden Age – Dr. Josiah Oldfield, M.A., D.C.L., L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S.
Some essays from the book:
A Tale of Shame
Tiger or Angel?
The Festival of Peace
Christian Leaders and Humane Teaching


Concerning Human Carnivorism by Rev. J. Todd Ferrier


Errors in Eating and Physical Degeneration – Sir William E. Cooper, C.I.E.


The Cancer Scourge and how to destroy it by Robert Bell, M.D., F.R.F.P.S.


Our Real Relationship to God – the Lost ideal of Christianity by A disciple of the Christ (Sidney H. Beard)
The Blood Guiltiness of Christendom by Sir William Earnshaw Cooper, C.I.E.
Dr. Josiah Oldfield: publications